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During 2019, Texas plumbing regulation faced monumental challenges--then extinction.  We now live in a nervous tension thanks to an unprecedented executive order by the Texas Governor extending the Plumbing License Law and regulation by the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners for up to two years.  This leaves a series of questions for plumbing leaders which we will address in these two-hour town-hall gatherings, including:
  • How did we get in this position and what can we learn from the experience?
  • Who wanted state deregulation and who would have benefited from it?
  • Why are those who led the industry into this mess now claiming to be its saviors?
  • What will happen during these two years with the Sunset Commission & TSBPE?
  • What are the likely outcomes when the Texas Legislature reconvenes in 2021?
  • What can we do to appropriately influence the process toward positive outcomes?
  • What are the mistakes already being made in spite of presumably good intentions?
  • How can plumbing leaders prepare to thrive regardless of the final outcome?
These gatherings are for Responsible Master Plumbers, plumbing company owners, and senior managers but we ask that each company limit their attendance to two participants.  The conversations will be organized, frank, open, and participatory while we also expect the environment to remain professional and constructive.  Name calling, profanity, and general rants are today's norm on social media while these gatherings will be defined by respectful face-to-face communications indicative of industry professionals.

We elected to schedule the sessions outside meal hours to keep the cost down and the registration fee is simply to cover the direct costs of the entire week's gatherings (facilities, travel, etc.).  We ask that all registrations be prepaid and we will not have time to collect payments at the various events.

The host of each session will be Matthew Winn, CEO of Winn's CE and Founder of the Trade Professionals Network.  His perspective is informed by broad observation of the industry as well as personal conversations with the Governor's policy advisors, Texas Legislators (House & Senate), Sunset Advisory Commission Staff, TDLR Executive Director & Senior Staff, TSBPE Executive Director & Senior Staff, TSBPE Board Members, and plumbing industry leaders across the state.

If you are weary of the misinformation and general disarray around these topics, looking instead for facts and a productive approach to the future, these events are for you!  We look forward to seeing you there.

Register today and invite your industry counterparts to do so as well.