Did you receive a poker chip?

There's no gambling--it's really worth $20 to you as a new Winn's CE client!

Simply register for the course you need and bring the chip with you for redemption. 

As with any discount coupon, there are a few guidelines:
  • This discount is for new clients in select markets.  If we already have the privilege of serving you, Thanks!  Please pass your chip along to someone else who could benefit from our services.
  • This discount is valid for $20 off the regularly advertised price of any Winn's CE course.  It may not be used in conjunction with other offers (special promotions, group pricing, etc.).
  • Only one chip per person and one person per chip.  If you have extras, please pass them along to other plumbers you know.
  • The chip is only valid for the CE year originally printed on it.

Thanks for giving us a try.  We look forward to serving you!