Medical Gas Installer

This 32 Hour Medical Gas Installer Course fulfills the requirements of Florida Administrative Code 61G4-15.031 Medical Gas Certification.

Specifically, the course consists of both classroom and practical work designed to teach familiarity with:
  • National Fire Protection Association, NFPA 99 Healthcare Facilities Code, latest edition adopted by the Florida State Fire Marshal, and
  • American Society of Sanitary Engineers, ASSE Series 6000, Professional Qualifications Standards for Medical Gas Systems Installers, Inspectors and Verifiers, latest edition to augment those issues addressed by NFPA 99 relative to medical gas systems and designed to teach the subject matter required by Section 489.1136(1)(a), F.S.

Upon succesful completion, each participant is issued a certificate and pocket card as evidence of Florida's required Medical Gas Installation training which is subject to two expirations:
  • 3 Year Training Expiration:  This must be renewed every 3 years via a one day NFPA update course.
  • 6 Month Brazing Expiration:  Per NFPA 99, Section, “Performance qualifications of brazers shall remain in effect indefinitely, unless the brazer does not braze with the qualified procedure for a period exceeding 6 months.”  Failure to braze (and document brazing) in a 6 month period will require the individual to renew his/her brazing qualification via a brazing test.  Please click here for WCE Brazer Continuity Document, or contact us for an upcoming brazing test date.

Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board Approvals:

Provider: 0006244
Course:  0611345

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Medical Gas Installer (Florida & ASSE 6010), Largo, March 4-7
Course Number: 190304-MI-FL-LRG-DSW
Price: $800 Prepaid
View Medical Gas Installer (Florida & ASSE 6010), Largo, March 4-7
Instructor: Scott Winn