Important Work.
Huge Demand.
No College Debt.
Fast-Track Licensing.
National Credentials.
Unlimited Potential. plumbing apprenticeship!

Important Work
Don’t let any stereotypes fool you, plumbing is important!  Think about your life without clean drinking water, effective waste disposal, or medical gases available in the hospital.  You would be living in a third-world, poverty-stricken country, all because a single profession is missing—Plumbing!  Yes, plumbing is a profession, with national standards, state licensing, and continually evolving technologies.
Huge Demand
According to the Department of Labor, there are more than 6 million jobs available in the US.  With high growth in the Texas economy, the shortage is profound, especially in the construction trades responsible for building our state and country.  Social media, job listings, and discussions with business owners all confirm a single fact—Texas needs licensed plumbers and is willing to pay for them, now!
No College Debt
The number of young people attending 4 years of college, stacking up tens of thousands in debt (or more), then finding no job available to them is reaching epidemic proportions!  With a plumbing apprenticeship, you earn while you learn.  There is a cost, as there is with anything worth having, but it is affordable and state grants can help lower the cost dramatically.
Fast-Track Licensing
As a regulated profession, it normally takes a minimum of 4 years after high-school to become a Journeyman Plumber, then another 4 years to become a Master Plumber in Texas.  However, participants in our Department of Labor approved program can shorten that cycle in several ways:
  • Reduce the required experience for licensing by 1,000 hours
  • Receive exemption from the usual 48 hours of required courses
  • Reduce the period from Journeyman to Master by 3 years
  • Reduce the apprenticeship program based on prior experience or training
National Credentials

Our company, instructors, and training materials are accredited by the National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER).  The completion of each module is recorded in their national registry, allowing for a nationally recognized transcript of all education completed.  Plus, our program is approved by the US Department of Labor and completion earns a certificate issued by the Office of Apprenticeship.  Together, these represent the gold standard in construction industry education.
Unlimited Potential
The US Department of Labor reports that 9 out of 10 Americans completing an apprenticeship program find a job immediately and the average starting salary is $60,000.  Compare that to the odds facing America’s 13 million college students.  If you want to aim even higher, a Master plumber in Texas can take an additional 3-day course and be ready to open their own company anywhere in the state.

How long does it take?

The apprenticeship program takes up to 4 years, with 144 hours of training (classroom & self-study) each year and at least 6,375 hours of employment (on-the-job-learning).  However, credit may be given for previous plumbing experience and/or plumbing training, reducing these requirements by up to 50%.
How much does it cost?
The cost of your program depends on where it is held, how many participants enroll, the grants available in your area, and the willingness of local employers to contribute a portion of the cost.  However, our goal is for the out of pocket cost of participants to be only a few dollars per day (or less).
How much will I make?
Our Department of Labor program requires a plumbing apprentice to make at least 55% of what a journeyman plumber earns in your specific market, increasing to 85% by the end of the program.  Local employers can pay more and usually do because of the high demand for plumbers.  Your value can rise quickly with the added advantage of this formal plumbing education.
Where & when are courses scheduled?
Our program operates on a cohort model.  This simply means we start the next program as soon as we have the minimum number of participants registered in a specific area.  We work with local plumbing businesses to determine the best schedule, which may include weekly, monthly or quarterly training.  Even if a program is not available in your area, we offer a quarterly schedule in our Tyler training center which is available to any participants state-wide.
What if I already work in plumbing?
That’s great!  If your employer agrees, we can evaluate your experience and grant credit for up to 50% of the program.  In that case, you don’t sit through material you already know and you are on the super fast-track to certification.
What if I don’t already work in plumbing?
Not to worry.  That’s basically the point of an apprenticeship program.  We will help match you with an employer in your area who wants to (or already does) participate in the program.  In fact, you must become employed full-time in the plumbing industry to participate in the apprenticeship process.
What if I am still in high-school?
Full apprenticeship registration requires you to be at least 16 and have a high-school diploma or GED.  However, high-school students can begin this journey as a pre-apprentice in two ways, both of which would allow us to grant advanced placement in the program upon graduation:

        1.  Put us in contact with your high-school if they might be willing to host a program.
        2.  Pre-register with us and attend all the same training without the employment requirement.

What if I don't live in Texas?
Anyone can participate in our programs, but only Texas residents are eligible for the various grants to help reduce the costs.  We are exploring programs in other states, but many require another approval process, so we are initially focusing exclusively within Texas.

Is the program recognized by Texas?

Our program is approved by the US Department of Labor, which is then automatically recognized by the State of Texas.  This can be seen in the following Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiner's rules:
  • For exemption from the usual training requirements while enrolled in the program, see TSBPE Rule 363.5(e)(2) for the Journeyman Exam, 363.6(d)(2) for the Tradesman Exam.
  • For reduction in the required hours of experience resulting from completion of the program, see Rule 363.4(a)(2)(B) for the Master exam, 363.5(c)(1) for the Journeyman exam, 363.6(b)(1) for the Tradesman exam.

The references above specifically include any plumbing program approved by the US Department of Labor.  Our approval from the US Department of Labor is also on file with Executive Director of the TSBPE.

How do I get started?
We will be happy to send details about the program nearest your location.  Simply email  Please provide this basic information:
  • Your name
  • Phone and email contact
  • Your city of residence or desired location
  • Your current work or school status
  • Any other details you feel we should know

 Status of Regional Cohorts

Level/Year Target Launch  
State-Wide Quarterly 1 January 2018 Underway!
State-Wide Quarterly 3* May 2018 Registering Now!
East Texas Quarterly 1 January 2018 Underway!
West Texas Monthly 1 August 2018 Gathering Interest
Gulf Coast Quarterly 1 June 2018 Registering Now!
Central Texas Quarterly 1 August 2018 Registering Now!
*  This is for participants with at least 2 years of plumbing experience.  With documentation of prior experience, Winn's CE can grant credit for the first 2 years of the program & allow Year 3 direct entry.

What if I'm an employer or school?

Contact us via email (

Employers interested in hiring registered apprentices or enrolling their current employees are critical to this partnership and we welcome your participation.

Here are the major details you should know:

  • 4-year program which may be shortened up to 50% based on previous experience
  • 144 hours of training each year, including classroom & self-study
  • Utilizing NCCER Plumbing curriculum, Levels 1-4
  • Available to current staff as well as a source for new, motivated prospects
  • Participants must work full-time in plumbing throughout (approx 2,000 hours yearly)
  • Cohorts will be formed across the state as interest in each region dictates
  • Regional schedules will be developed with participating employers
  • A quarterly extended weekend option will be available at our Tyler, TX training center
  • Employers decide how much (if any) of the cost they share with apprentices
  • Cost will depend on the number of participants, location & grants available
  • Grants for funding are often dependent on the employer, not the apprentice
  • Target maximum out of pocket cost of $1,200 per year (net of grants & funding)
  • A student (at least 16) may register for the classroom portions as a pre-apprentice

Our program, including the pre-apprentice aspects, represent a tremendous opportunity for high-school, community & junior colleges to usher more students toward jobs in high demand right now.  Through our meetings with the Texas Workforce Commission, we have ensured its alignment with the Texas 60X30 education goal:  60 percent of young Texans having a degree or certificate by the year 2030.

Apprenticeship In The News

US Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship, Program 2017-TX-369, Registered 07/25/2017