State-Wide CE Via Correspondence in Texas

July 10, 2017

While undertaking the quadrennial review, the TSBPE amended their rules to make Continuing Professional Education for Texas plumbers available to all licensees and registrants via mailed correspondence course (as an alternative to live courses), regardless of their location.  You may be aware the previous rules already allowed plumbers in rural counties or out of state to complete their current cycle CE via correspondence.  However, this loosening came with a price—the change calls for 150 questions in any correspondence course while eliminating correspondence courses for Medical Gas recerts/renewals entirely.  These changes are effective September 1, 2017.

By our math, that means if it takes 2.4 minutes to answer each question, 150 questions will involve approximately 6 hours, just like a live/physical CE course.  We presume that was the intent and it will likely limit the number of people pursuing this new possibility.

Positive aspects of the change:

  • Allows plumbers the flexibility to complete annual CE requirements based on their schedule
  • Allows plumbers state-wide to have the same options available regardless of where they reside

Negative aspects of the change:

  • Loses the value of interaction among professional plumbers available during annual CE
  • Makes it more difficult for companies to ensure all plumbing staff complete their CE when required

Winn’s CE remains committed to offering every education method allowed by the TSBPE at the highest possible quality.  We have already designed the new 150 question packet, ensuring the questions flow naturally through our course book and the answers are obvious when reading the material.

Thanks for your trust and we appreciate the ongoing opportunity to serve you.