About Us

We Care! 

That is the common theme you will find between our full-time family members as well as our part-time teaching professionals.

  • We care about the success of our clients.

  • We care about the relationships we develop throughout our industry.

  • We care about delivering our services with excellence, professionalism & integrity.

We are here to serve you and greatly appreciate every opportunity we are given to do so.  Thank you!

Client Services

Extension 0

While class details and registrations are always available online, we also welcome calls if you need to speak with our staff directly.  Extension 0 will take you directly to the most available member of our staff who will be happy to serve you.  If we happen to be assisting other clients at that moment, we will return your message promptly.

Curtis Winn


While Dad is no longer with us here on earth, Curtis is the true founder of Winn's Continuing Education, having taught plumbers in Texas since 1995.  He had over 50 years of experience which included leading a growing plumbing shop, nuclear plant pipefitting, general contracting (residential, multi-family, commercial), medical gas installation and certification, as well as plumbing and medical gas continuing education, exam prep, and special endorsement courses.  Curtis held Journeyman and Master plumbing licenses in Texas.  One of his last wishes was that our family continue Winn's CE as his legacy, a wish we fully intend to fulfill.  Click here to read his memorial page.

Scott Winn

TSBPE Approved Instructor, Master Plumber
Extension 4

Scott began his plumbing experience in 1977.  In addition to working in the family plumbing business and operating his own enterprise, he has over 18 years of Medical Gas experience.  Scott holds a current TSBPE Inspector License plus a Master Plumbing License with Med Gas Endorsement, Multi-purpose Residential Fire Protection Sprinkler Specialist endorsement (MRFPSS), Water Supply Protection Specialist endorsement (WSPS), and carries the following NITC certifications: ASSE 6010 Medical Gas Installer, ASME IX Brazer, ASSE 6030 Medical Gas Verifier, ASSE 6050 Medical Gas Instructor.  Scott is not only an active instructor, but also the leader of our expanding team of dedicated instructors across the state and actively involved in the development of our future course offerings.

Mark Winn

TSBPE Approved Instructor, Master Plumber
Extension 5

Mark received his Journeyman Plumbing license in 1979 and now holds a Master Plumbing license with Med Gas endorsement as well as a Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester license issued by TCEQ.  He has taught building trades & plumbing in public schools for 19 years with a Texas Vocational Education Certificate.  Mark's education includes an Associate's degree from Howard College and undergraduate studies at Wayland Baptist University.  He has taught TSBPE related courses for over 15 years, including:  Continuing Education, Responsible Master, Apprentice Training, Med Gas Recertification, and exam prep courses.  Mark is also an authorized instructor for OSHA 10 & 30 hour safety training courses.

Matthew Winn

Chief Executive Officer
OSHA Authorized Instructor, TSBPE & NCCER Master Trainer
TSBPE Approved Instructor, Licensed Plumbing Inspector
Extension 3

Matthew was completing the groundwork, rough in and finish of entire apartment buildings before he could drive, but the great Texas heat wave of 1980 convinced him to go to college!  He now holds a Bachelor's degree in Accounting, a Master's of Business Administration degree in Executive Leadership, and active CPA licenses in Texas & Georgia.  Matthew has previously served as the Chief Financial Officer of three companies, the Divisional Vice-President of Operations for a publicly traded company, and President of a Financial Services company.  He has served as an Adjunct Professor in the Fred Hale School of Business at East Texas Baptist University in Marshall as well as being the Founder & Chairman of an international missions agency dedicated to leadership development and orphan care.

Chad Winn

TSBPE Approved Instructor, Master Plumber
Extension 6

Chad represents the third generation of the Winn family serving in our company (Scott's son).  He is a TSBPE licensed plumber with the Med Gas and Multi-purpose Residential Fire Protection Sprinkler Specialist (MRFPSS) endorsements, and originally one of the youngest instructors approved by the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners to teach Plumber's Professional Continuing Education.  In addition to his plumbing background, he has extensive experience with one of the largest residential service companies in the world. Located in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, Chad primarily serves our clients in North and East Texas.

Christopher Winn

Chief Technology Officer
Extension 10

Christopher also represents the third generation of our Winn family (Matthew's son).  From 2016 to 2018, Christopher was the voice of Winn's CE and the one most likely to answer your phone call.  Since the spring of 2019, he overseas our compliance reporting with numerous certification agencies, edits our extensive media content, and manages our web development.  Participants in our Registered Apprenticeship program and members of our Trade Professionals Network may also interact with him as he manages our behind-the-scenes efforts supporting both services.

Lori Radloff

Client Services
Extension 2

Lori is a long-time friend of the family, having worked with Matthew over 15 years ago.  She has professional experience in communications, marketing, financial and client services.  She was the original person we had in mind for this role but it took 5 years before everything aligned for that to become a reality.  She is fluent in Spanish and available to take your registration, process your correspondence course, as well as answer your questions or have another staff member do so promptly.  While she is the only full-time member of our staff who is not a Winn, we believe she embodies the same personal commitment to our clients' success.

Virgil Thompson

TSBPE Approved Instructor, Master Plumber
Extension 11

Countless plumbers have enjoyed Virgil's instruction over the years.  Virgil is a Master Plumber & Inspector who currently serves the City of Temple.  His courses are upbeat, energetic, no-nonsense, and filled with his contagious smile.  We are proud to have Virgil teaching exclusively for Winn's Continuing Education, serving our clients throughout Central Texas.

Jesse Campbell

TSBPE Approved Instructor, Master Plumber
Extension 7

Jesse has been plumbing since 1969, holding both Journeyman and Master plumbing licenses in Texas.  He completed a Mechanical Engineering degree and his background includes extensive HVAC experience.  Jesse's professionalism, safety background, and project management expertise bring unique value and perspective to our clients in the Panhandle & West Texas.

Tracy Archer

TSBPE Approved Instructor, Master Plumber
Extension 8

Tracy has been plumbing since 1984 and has held his Texas Master plumbing license since 1989.  His experience includes both residential and commercial projects, including supervising and training inmates to maintain the plumbing of a 4,200 bed correctional facility with the TDCJ.  His passion is helping new plumbing professionals advance successfully in our industry.

Kirk Jones

TSBPE Approved Instructor, Master Plumber
Extension 9

Kirk grew up in a plumbing family and has been actively involved in the Houston market his entire life, having served one of the largest residential new construction plumbing contractors in the state and now leading his own company.  Kirk enjoys helping plumbers progress through licensing, exam prep, endorsement, and CE courses in the Gulf Coast & East Texas.

Abel Medina

TSBPE Approved Instructor, Master Plumber
Extension 12

After a successful plumbing career, including diverse work throughout the San Antonio area, Abel now serves as a estimator for a large underground utility company.  His desire to help the next generation succeed, experience, and bilingual instruction capability makes him a great fit for Winn's CE, focused primarily on Continuing Education courses in the Valley & Laredo.

Joel Eggebrecht

TSBPE Approved Instructor, Master Plumber
Extension 13

Joel has over 35 years of plumbing experience with some of the largest plumbing companies in Houston where he has progressed through all levels of plumbing leadership.  He also has extensive teaching experience and was instrumental in establishing Houston's DOL approved apprenticeship programs, which greatly influences our own developing programs.

Abel Gasca

TSBPE Approved Instructor, Master Plumber
Extension 14

Abel has over 20 years of plumbing service experience, having served as a Responsible Master Plumber for another business as well as his own plumbing company. He is bilingual and teaches primarily in North and East Texas where he leads state required courses as well as exam prep and apprenticeship courses.