Plumber's Continuing Education, Correspondence, 2017-2018

Course Number: 170901-CE-TX-CRC
Price: $100 Prepaid
8 Registrations Available


This course includes the 6 hours of continuing education required by the TSBPE to RENEW plumbing licenses in the State of Texas.

This is for licenses expiring between September 1, 2017 & August 31, 2018.

If your license expired before these dates, please see the course for that year of expiration.

Visit the TSBPE for official licensing rules and call them at (800) 845-6584 if there is ANY DOUBT regarding which course is needed to renew your license.

The correspondence course process works as follows:

  • Order your course online, which must be prepaid.
  • We will send the continuing education packet (USPS Priority).
  • Read the material and complete the Answer Sheet at your convenience.
  • Return ONLY THE ANSWER SHEET to us via email, fax, or mail/delivery.
  • We will grade the Answer Sheet and notify you of the result via email.
  • We will report completion of your Continuing Education to the TSBPE.

Effective September 1st, 2017, TSBPE rules have been amended to allow completion of annual continuing education requirements via correspondence course (mail), no matter where the licensee resides.  This modifies the previous rules which only allowed plumbers out of state or living in rural counties to complete their annual CE via correspondence.  However, the new rules require answering 150 course questions to demonstrate completion of the requirements.

Please also note TSBPE rules still do not allow correspondence continuing education for the INTIAL hours needed to apply for the Tradesman or Journeyman exams.  License applicants must take a live/physical course for this purpose no matter where they reside.

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